Thursday, 15 May 2014

Question to Norman Baker, Lib Dem MP

Mr Baker, I heard you on BBC Radio Sussex this morning talking about medicinal use of cannabis by a man called Kieron Reeves as it seems to have stopped his epileptic seizures, and  a man Clark French that uses cannabis to ease the symptoms of his MS.

You said that government advisors have said that cannabis has limited medicinal uses - so why is it still scheduled as a drug with no medicinal uses and what uses do you acknowldge?

There are clearly some as GW Pharmaceuticals simply extract ALL the active ingredients from cannabis plants using alcohol to produce their peppermint-flavoured expensive spray called Sativex.

Obviously to produce Sativex a medicine by extracting compounds from a plant said to have such limited medicinal value is either magic, a miracle or some sort of fraud

 - and the punishment of people that grow the plant at home whilst allowing a pharmaceutical company to grow tens of thousands of plants to produce medicine for sale, is unjust and suggests corruption.

Please answer a question put to you on the show - Keiron Reeves says he needs cannabis to cope with his illness and that prescribed medication did not work - should he wait for the law to be changed considering that successive governments have stated they will not change it?

That is a direct question, please answer it - should people in desparate need of cannabis for medical reasons break the law or suffer in silence?

How ought the law deal with such people?

available for a few days after May 16th

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  1. If you get an answer from Norman Baker MP, do you think I could please have sight of it. Thanks in advance. irra