Wednesday, 5 February 2020

80-year old man busted for trying to save his life.

My name is Tony Bevington. I live in Camborne, Cornwall. In March this year I will be 80 years old. About two years ago I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Kidney Failure. A condition for which there is no cure or treatment, that can be terminal with dialysis or transplants the only recourse. With this in mind and being very aware of the medical aspects of cannabis I started to grow my own medicine. I processed the plants for the oil and ingested it daily. But over the last six weeks have been arrested twice for growing my medicine. I did not wish to participate in buying from local dealers ( unknown quality and dubious source) Prescriptions out of the question , being a pensioner and aware of the existing medical reticence to it. But my blood reading (EGFR) have defied my doctors predictions and are improving. I take medication for Blood Pressure and use a vegetarian diet, apart from that my only medicine is my oil. I harmed no one. I did not benefit financially and possibly at no cost to the state improved my health. How on earth does prosecuting me help? regards,

P.A.Bevington. (Tony)

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  1. It's about time that the public became more aware and stood up against this sort of tyrannical bullying by our Government. It's OK for policians' husbands to grow and make massive profits from cannabis to be used as medicine but not for a sick person to grow their own.