Thursday, 9 February 2012

Cannabis Found - will have no effect on supplies

oh come off it, raids like this finding large amounts of cannabis or plants have been going on for years and yet we are told there is no shortage on the streets.

it's about time that the Government stopped wasting tax-payers money and acknowledged people's Human Right to a Private Life so that they can grow their own without effecting other people.

take the dealers out by legalising licenses commercial production and sale to adults with consumer protection, advice and TAX THE PROFITS.

the law trying to stop people using this plant - which is enjoyed and found beneficial by millions - that law is a  miserable and costly failure and we, the public, pay!

Cannabis Found, Leicester Mercury, Feb 9 2012

Police have seized 100 cannabis plants worth an estimated £28,000.
An anonymous tip-off led police to the plants, which were inside a property in Humberstone Road, Leicester.
Officers also seized cultivation equipment and arrested a Leicester man during the raid on Monday.
Sergeant Stuart Wood, of Spinney Hill Park police station, said: "I am delighted with the outcome of this raid, which has prevented a large amount of cannabis from reaching the streets."

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