Friday, 23 March 2012

Drugs charge man shown clemency- comment

So what harm did this man Loveridge actually do? How much did the police raid and court case cost - thousands of pounds - and how does this make society a safer or better place to live in?

Sure he broke the law, but a law without Justice - for it attacks Human Rights and personal choice without reason - a law that needs to be scrapped - after many billions of pounds have been spent it clearly does not work - there are more cannabis users and growers in the UK than ever.

Personal possession and cultivation for own use ought not be be criminal offences, and legal and controllable outlets for adults to buy cannabis should be set up to take it out of the hands of crooks, provide consumer protection (just like with alcohol and other consumables), separate the supply from hard drugs and tax the profits.

Drugs charge man shown clemency
Ely Weekly News, March 23 2012 

A man found with cannabis has escaped having a suspended sentence activated.
Wayne Loveridge, 30, of Ely, appeared at Cambridge Crown Court yesterday charged with possession of cannabis.
He was in breach of a nine-month suspended sentence imposed by Cambridge magistrates last June after he was found with a small amount of Ecstasy.
Robin Miric, prosecuting, said police executed a search warrant in January at Morley Drive, where Loveridge lives, and found a bag containing a small amount of herbal cannabis concealed in the finger of a glove.
Loveridge admitted possession of cannabis and breaching his suspended sentence.
In mitigation, Charles Myatt said Loveridge did not know how long the cannabis had been at the house and could have been there prior to the suspended sentence being imposed.
He said Loveridge had completed a curfew order, was doing well with his work with the probation service and showing an “improved attitude”.
For possession of cannabis Loveridge was sentenced to one day in prison.
Judge Anthony Bate did not activate the suspended sentence but added additional sessions to be completed with an alcohol key worker.
He told Loveridge: “If you commit another drug offence it may be very different next time.”

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