Friday, 23 March 2012

Inverness drug suspected choked trying to swallow cannabis - comment

I'm sure the public will sleep sounder at night knowing that the police and courts are spending precious tax-payers money locking up a man like this - what harm did he do to anyone but himself?

If he'd swallowed the contents of a whiskey bottle he would may have been shouting or fighting in the street. Then he would have deserved arrest and punishment - but had he simply been quietly drunk the police would presumably left him alone and the perverting the cause of Justice would never have happened.

What you do not report is WHY police hassled him in the first place - what was he doing to attract their attention?

Inverness drug suspected choked trying to swallow cannabis
Highland News, March 22 2012

A MAN choked when he tried to swallow a piece of cannabis resin after being challenged by two plain clothes police officers in Inverness.
George Macaulay fell to the ground and had a fit during the incident in Farraline Park in the city.
He ended up being jailed at Inverness Sheriff Court today for attempting to pervert the course of justice.
The court heard Macaulay (26) of Perceval Road, Stornoway, was approached by police officers who suspected he was in possession of controlled drugs.
Ms Robertson said: "They noted he had his hand in his jacket pocket. He removed his hand from the pocket and began to swallow something he had placed in his mouth. He fell to the ground then proceeded to have a fit."
She said Macaulay had tried to swallow a small quantity of cannabis which had a "nominal street value".
Macaulay (26) admitted on October 18 placing the drugs in his mouth and attempting to swallow them to pervert the course of justice and possession of the Class C drug.
Solicitor advocate Michael Chapman said Macaulay had very little recollection of the incident because of the fit he suffered as he attempted to swallow the resin.
He said he was serving a prison sentence with a release date on March 31.
Sheriff Gordon Fleetwood commented Macaulay could have been killed over a small quality of cannabis and jailed him for 14 days.

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