Saturday, 14 September 2019

NINE MONTHS a poem by Alun Buffry (1991)


After nine months a baby was born,

And it's name was hate and its heart was torn,

Never to be seen a smile on a face,

Of men waiting so long in this goddam place.

God help the world if it only knew

What hate would become if it ever grew

Into an adult and then got free

To destroy all, believe you me.

For after the beasts had had their way,

Lied and deceived to lock men away,

The Magistrates fine all turned their blind eyes,

Whilst inside at night the chaplains all cried.

Month after month they stay on remand,

Listen in mystery to conspired bad plans,

Never allowed just one word in defence,

The law in this country just don't make much sense.

So locked up these men at country's expense,

Guilty or innocent they sit on a fence,

Awaiting the trials on some distant days,

When men either walk free or get thrown away.

After nine months inside, away from the sky,

The birds and the trees and the friendships that die,

the children, the lovers, the life that won't wait,

Innocent and guilty share hearts full of hate.

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