Friday, 6 September 2019

LOOKING FOR NEW YEAR (1985) Kathmandu



Alun Buffry

Kathmandu: morning mist, disappears, mountain view...

Clouds spreading, sun shines, sky turns sealess blue.

Magic palace on the hill, silver morning light,

As the haze clears away, giving city sights.

Street below slowly wakes, dogs with horns and bells

All the homeless people there, washing at the wells.

Today is Nepalese New Year, should be celebrations,

Where they are is not too clear, to our mild frustration.

Maybe dancing in the street, or are there parades?

No-one here seems able to tell, where New Year's Day is made.

Life goes on as usual, everywhere you glance,

New Year doesn't seem like here, the spirit to enhance.

Where would we go in England,

If New Year we were there?

Down a pub or round a house

Or down Trafalgar Square?

I guess that from outside, it'd look all much the same,

Like we don't celebrate New Year, they'd think it was a shame.

So maybe here in Nepal, because I cannot see,

There's celebrations all around, invisible to me.

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