Monday, 30 April 2012

Message sent to Dutch Tourist Board


I have visited The Netherlands many times and always enjoyed the fact that I could go into a Coffeeshop and enjoy a quick smoke of cannabis (without tobacco) in peace - now for "foreigners" the only alternative will be to drink in a bar, which will mean more drunken foreigners and less safety - maybe I won't be coming again - I don't come only for the cannabis, by the way, there is plenty in the UK too.

When I first visited Amsterdam in 1975, there were very few coffeeshops. I was offered cannabis and hard drugs like cocaine and heroin on the street - lost my money twice - right then I thought never again would I visit that city. Then I found a coffeeshop and was able to buy and smoke some cannabis in safety and peace.

It is a shame that the Dutch Government have taken this step - and act of discrimination for sure, even if the courts say it is not due to the fact that cannabis is still illegal to possess and supply there.

Now Dutch cities will become like many other cities: beautiful buildings and sites, great multi-cultural people, but streets with drug dealers and runners on every corner, probably a worsening hard drug problem and all that goes with it.

Alun Buffry, UK

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