Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Cannabis and the law - the essential issue

The authorities and their backers want the only available cannabis to be on prescription and through the pharmacy such as the likes of Sativex and Bedocan - same as they want to get rid of herbal and homoeopathic medicines - they want us as their slaves whilst they continue to pollute and destroy and then want us to pay through the nose one way or another for the medicines.

"They" do not want us to even choose our own seeds or foods.

Sadly, in my opinion, far too many campaigners, activists and patients are falling into the trap of trying to differentiate between users and talk about "medical cannabis" which can only mean Sativex and Bedrocan (as opposed to "non-medical" cannabis / users) whilst saying all cannabis is medicine (different to calling it medical cannabis).

I fear that their campaign, if successful, would lead to more prescriptions - increased availability of the "medicines" - and do nothing about the RIGHTS of all people to choose their own lifestyle and beliefs, and right to a private life.

Such differentiation of types of cannabis / users is not only heading in the wrong direction, bordering on accepting a level of prohibition, limiting choices but reflects a misunderstanding of the law (it is about people not substances or reasons of use - it is about what the law sees as "Misuse"), it would also be contrary to human rights to treat people differently in law because of state of health.

The media talk about "skunk" as if "Satan" - again distracting from the real legal issue - people.

EVEN IF / JUST BECAUSE Jon Snow or a relatively small minority of users may be over-sensitive or react badly to a substance is NO REASON to ban it - no reason to punish users unless they have done harm.

For me the issue of cannabis and the law always has and still is mostly about NO VICTIM NO CRIME - all else is a distraction.

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  1. http://ukcsc.co.uk/north-east-police-crime-commissioner-decriminalising-cannabis-users-to-focus-on-gangs/