Thursday, 23 April 2015

Cannabis for Medical Use - Where to Draw the Line?

Well there seems to be some confusion here:  the heading says "legalise medical cannabis" but of course "medical cannabis" (Sativex, a whole plant extract: cannabis in alcohol) is already legal to supply here in the UK, under prescription especially In Wales.

More correctly, Pippa Bartolotti says "Cannabis should be legalised for medical use" which is agood statement but suggests that somebody somewhere will have to draw a line between when it is medical use and when it is  non-medical use and presumably Pippa is not talking about how that is going to be defined in law and what would be done with those that choose "non-medical" use, whatever that is.

Would we end up with a a section of ill and injued people being allowed to grow, buy and possess - and another lot of victimless people being prosecuted for the same activities?

 NO Victim NO CRIME, Justtice for Cannabis Justice for Cannabis Users, Equal Rights for all.

But at least Pippa has the bottle to speak up.
Election 2015: Pippa Bartolotti's call to legalise medical cannabis
Cannabis should be legalised for medical use, according to Wales Green Party leader Pippa Bartolotti.
Ms Bartolotti will make the case for a change in approach in a speech at Cardiff University on Thursday night.
Legalising cannabis has been Green Party policy for some time.
Ms Bartolotti said: "No one has yet died from using cannabis, in fact the health benefits of cannabis in the treatment of epilepsy and cancer are already well documented."
She added: "Commercial organisations in the UK are already allowed to patent and sell cannabis extracts, whilst the population as a whole is criminalised for using it - even if it saves their life. This simply has to be changed."
Ms Bartolotti said cannabis is wrongly labelled as a gateway drug to harder substances like cocaine and heroin and it is the criminalisation of it which is the gateway.

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