Monday, 6 April 2015

Glasgow bureaucrats trying to stop freedom of speech in case it promotes cannabis!

Glasgow bureaucrats trying to stop freedom of speech in case it promotes cannabis!

I guess the council would not object if it was a pro-tobacco campaign and people were smoking that plant openly, despite the fact that tobacco is untold more dangerous than cannabis and kills hundreds of thousands a year - so it must be down to law - bad law - which is what the protest is about, the very hypocrisy - that and information that could be given out that cannabis plant provides massive (and even life-saving) benefit to hundreds of thousands of people in the UK - shame on you ALL that supports the punishment of victimless people for possession or cultivation of a plant in their own homes and for their own use.

The arguments for repeal of change in law or how it is presently applied is essentially supported by several political parties standing candidates in the forthcoming elections in Scotland - CISTA (Cannabis If Safer Than Alcohol), the Scottish Green Party and the LIb Dems and, I think, the SNP - so is the council going to try to stop them broadcasting their calls for legal change too - are they going to stop them proclaiming the benefits of cannabis and the hypocrisy of the law?

It seems to me that since no offence has been committed until the time somebody lights a joint and then it is the duty of the police to react, this ban must be purely political in nature and not based upon law at all.

The laughable thing is the fact that cannabis is smoked in the park almost daily and police do nothing.  The sad thing will be the cost of policing the event as it will undoubtedly go ahead anyway - protests tend to ignore nonsense like this from politicians and civil servants.
Edinburgh Times, April 6 2015

George Square cannabis 'celebration' blocked by council

PLANS to stage a "cannabis celebration" in Glasgow's George Square have been blocked by the council.

The annual '420 event' sees campaigners come together in a public place on April 20 to call for the legalisation of the Class B drug.
Last year Glasgow Cannabis Social Club held a gathering of 150 people at Glasgow Green despite the council denying the group permission.
Five people were reported to the procurator fiscal for flouting the law by lighting up in full view of police. The maximum penalty for possession of cannabis is five years' imprisonment.
Organisers of this year's event have set up a page on Facebook and more than 3000 have already agreed to descend on George Square.
Among the speakers will be a former Strathclyde police officer who campaigns for the legalisation of drugs.
However, The Evening Times has learned that Glasgow Cannabis Social Club has not been given the green light to use George Square.
A spokesman for Glasgow City Council said: "They applied for permission and we refused. We told the applicant we were refusing permission because the event appeared to encourage the use of cannabis and it was felt that this would not be appropriate."
If the event goes ahead a range of drug paraphernalia, such as pipes, bongs and rolling papers, will be available to buy in George Square.
Speakers are expected to promote the so-called health benefits of the plant as well as encouraging people to "grow their own".
Among those taking to the stage will be retired Glasgow police officer Jim Duffy, a former chairman of the Scottish Police Federation, who now speaks for pressure group Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP).
However, the planned event has been criticised by Scottish Conservative chief whip John Lamont who said: "Festivals openly promoting and championing illegal behaviour cannot be tolerated, particularly in one of Glasgow's focal points.
"Last year, people were openly smoking cannabis on Glasgow Green, and it seemed the police were powerless to do anything about it.
"That cannot be allowed to happen this time round."
A spokesman for Police Scotland said: "We are aware of the potential for events and gatherings related to cannabis on April 20. If events are to take place they will be policed appropriately."
Glasgow Cannabis Social Club declined to comment.

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