Wednesday, 11 October 2017

SHAME on Lib Dems and Green Party, SHAME on UK MP's

SHAME on Green Party and Lib Dems for not making their support for this Bill known by turning up outside parliament: it won't be long now before they start trying once again to win our votes with their promises. I also think it a shame that the words for medical reasons are used at all, as everyone ought to have their Rights recognised and equal when it comes to cannabis use at home, without having to consult doctors or publicly declare their state on health. I w as also disappointing that so few MP's bothered to go into the Chamber and show support - cowards indeed - and yet not one spoke against the reading; well done Paul Flynn.

First steps taken in legalisation of cannabis  

 MPs join high 'tea party' in fresh bid to legalise cannabis 

 Campaigners hold 'cannabis tea party' yards from Westminster amid calls to legalise class B drug 

 MPs join medical marijuana protest outside Parliament, with activists smoking joints and demanding legalisation 

 These protesters are going to have a 'cannabis tea party' outside Parliament 

 Watton mother Callie Blackwell will campaign at Parliament to legalise cannabis after she gave it to her ill son 

United Patients Alliance (UPA)

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