Thursday, 7 September 2017

Virgin moble phones - bad service, unfair treament, beware of contracts

Although I have never signed one, I have heard of so many problems arising out of mobile phone contacts, I never will and advise everyone to canel as soon as their contract expires DO NOT WAIT TO BE TOLD. 
After 5 phone calls over 9 months and a visit to the local virgin phone shop, I am tempted to give up (phoning on behalf of somebody else) 
Today in the local virgin mobile shop I was threatened with the police after telling them that I considered their service terrible (I was not abusive and kept telling the guy that he ought not take it personally) . 
They will happily sell you a contract but after that wash their hands of you. 
 From what I am told O2 and vodaphone are just as bad. 
The only way to cancel a contract is to phone them up, and apparently a two-year contract is just a minimun time before which one has to pay to get out of it. On the other hand, after that, they will keep taking your money even though the phone is yours, unless you cancel it, which means a phone call that takes ages. I have phoned them 4 times and each time been told that management will phone back and they never have. Result is that EVEN though all 4 agents on the virgin line said that she deserves £100 refund, no management call and no refund. 
So guess what, I am not giving up, I will phone again and again until managemnet responds.
I do not expect a refund, but the original complaint has now become three complaints. My advice is to stay away from mobile phone contracts and I recommend giffgaff  pay as you go.

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