Thursday, 15 October 2020

IF ONLY SUOMI - a story of love through time.

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If Only Suomi is a story of love through time.
At first thought, the difference between past, present and future may seem obvious. The past has happened, the present is now and the future has yet to come. Second by second, our future becomes our past.
That is if time is linear and we travel in a straight line.
But what if we could travel in time, your past can become your future or your future can become your past? What if your future could become your past?
What sort of paradox could we create? How careful would one have to be to avoid even wiping oneself out of time altogether?
What if you went back in time and fell in love, then had to return to the present, leaving your love behind?
What if you could travel back and change your past to change the present and your future or even to live your life a second time?
This is such a story, of how the future changed the past, when Al from 2028 travels back to 1972, just for a three days.
This is a science fiction story and a romance, for Al falls in love in 1972 and then has to return to 2028 without his beloved Suomi. Will they ever meet again? Time can sometimes work wonders.

Sketches by Jacqui Malkin

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