Saturday, 20 February 2021

To Vax or Not to Vax, That is the Question


From what I understand, the vaccinations do not stop infection or transference to others, but the claim is that the vaccination will reduce the illness after infection. So even after a jab we should still take the precautions of masks, social distancing and washing hands (which we should do anyway).
So the choice is to risk whatever possible effects that the vaccination may itself cause or risk a more serious infection if and when we get covid.
A personal choice that does not effect others unless they are or become carers or health staff that need to look after the sick.
So I don't see the problem.  One side is trying to scare us into being vaccinated and the other side trying to scare us into not taking it.
The problem I have is that the anti-vaxers seem to run into conspiracy theory such as it contains nanochips and bytes to track and control us or make us more compatible with AI in the future, which is strange then that the elderly and sick would be targetted first and considering we are all tracked and traced ans spied on through the internet, phone lines, cameras and so on, anyway and whilst all that already exists they want us to stay indoors and not travel more than 5 miles or visit other people.
the way I see it, like all businesses, the vaccination producers want to sell their wares, and all the anti-vaxers seem to base their lives on the idea that some sort or illuninatuis elon musk bill gates conglomerate want to control 7 billion people, most of whom are poverty stricken and powerless.
I read people saying the vaccine will make us ill or kill us off yet most of my friends that have had it have suffered no worse than a sore arm or a mild overnight headache, so then I read ah yes but we will all suffer after the second dose or sometime in the future. then I read that somebody had the vaccine and died - 100 people out of the millions that have had the jab. Yet last year in the UK 1000 people died due to aspirin, many more due to tobacco or alcohol, all of which carry warnings and are sold in supermarkets and local shops.
It's a personal choice, to some degree determined by who we trust, but it is us that must make that choice. The idea that we cannot travel without a vaccination is untrue since the vaccination does not stop infection or transmission, so a covid test is more important - and many people will not be able to have the vaccine due to complications with health, other medication or allergies.
I think tee answers will NOT come through social media or TV news, so why bother reading and watching it.
WE KNOW that our Government tells porkies, so why believe them? But neither does that mean that everything they say is a lie.


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