Wednesday, 17 February 2021

Aliens in the UK - me too

... yes they have their customs, nothing to do with us. I am not exactly sure what your problem is, how people are in their own countries or how difficult people from other countries find it to adjust when they come here - surely you don't expect women to take off their burkas if they find it offensive. Or start eating pork sausages and burgers? Or change their religions? Or stop speaking their own languages? Or start going to pubs?

Of course I am not talking about the few terrorists that cause trouble here or in their own or other countries, or commit violent crimes, or underage marriages - we have enough nonses in the churches and parliament and on the streets already and they all deserve severe and equal punishments.

I just believe in showing a little compassion, tolerance and some understanding of the differences between people, not just colour or religion or origins. What I object to is slagging off many millions of Moslems because of a small number that cause problems any more than I believe in slagging off the Christians because of what has been done and is still being done within or in the name of their Churches,Synagogues etc, or blaming every Israel because of what Israel is doing in Palestine, or blaming every UK citizen for the people our country has killed or the football hooligans.
I have never asked you where you were born, what your religion is or how you choose to dress. I take you as I find you even though in the past with other people that has led me into trusted the wrong people;

I have friends of all religions and beliefs, that have very different lifestyles and backgrounds - if i don't like them or if they cause problems, i drop them, far quicker than i did when i was younger. I don't have time for bigots, thieves, liars, trouble-causers, haters, racists, nonses. i do have time for people who are lost in delusions and fears and for people that I feel genuinely need help.

So I don't really understand exactly which people and which customs you have problems with: it does not make sense that it can be all Islamic people because they are so different from each other, even fight each other, as do Christians, and between them they make up a huge percentage of the world. I would hate to think that you have a problem with Egyptians because of your experience in a very different country, with very different people, many of whom, rightly or wrongly, may have found you offensive because you did not face Mecca daily or had the odd drink.

Focusing on and fearing differences is much of the cause of the problems we face and is used by our government to divide and conquer.

I am an alien too.

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