Wednesday, 17 February 2021

Legalise and Utilise, Commemorative Edition 2021

A commemorative edition of Cannabis: Legalise and Utilise, first published 2000 with extra content: such as correspondence between the LCA and Government.

In commemoration of the twentieth anniversary of the first time a cannabis-focused political party put candidates in a UK general election - the Legalise Cannabis Alliance (LCA)

This edition reproduces the LCA Manifesto, "Legalise and Utilise" which I first put together in 1999; also copies of many of the candidates' election fliers, local and Parliamentary, photos pf activists, candidates and gatherings along withe the document put together by the late Don Barnard and myself - Cannabis: Challenging the Criminal Justice System, commonly known as "The Challenge" and correspondence between LCA and Government. and more.

Personally I think it was a historical time that brought cannabis into both the public awareness and the Political arena.

We gave out almost a million fliers, did a Party Broadcast on the TV in Wales in 2005 numerous press interviews and articles, spoke the Oxford Union, colleges and even schools.The term “legalise cannabis” means to legalise the possession, cultivation and supply of cannabis.Sadly we have lost many since then, so let this also be a tribute to them: Michael Fell, Mick Pryce, Dave Woofer Barker, Levi McCarthy, Patman, Denning,,Lezley von Goetz, Eddie Ellison, Paul Fowler, Dottie Baldwin, Jackie Barnard,John Crome, Biz Ivol, Derrick Large, Colin Paisley, Ivor Garfield, Grannie Pat Tabram,Stewart Talbot, Mark Palmer, Tom Hanson, Chris Baldwin, John Cripps, Joep Oomen, Phil Stovell, Don Barnard, Frank Kirk, Howard Marks, Ann Clarke,Howard Marks. All the commission will go towards ending the prohibition.


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