Monday, 6 April 2020

Open letter to the Prime Minister of the UK, Boris Johnson

Open letter to the Prime Minister of the UK, Boris Johnson.

Dear Boris,

Thank you for your recent mailing that you had written, printed and posted to everyone’s private addresses. I must say that I was surprised because I imagine that took a lot of effort and cost a lot of money. Could I suggest that next time you use the press, media, emails and text services and social media to save money that could be put into, for instance “the fantastic NHS”; surely that could have been better used to buy the essential equipment that the NHS is so short of? There could be publsihed an opt-out service by text, I am sure the computers could handle that.

In response, may I ask you a few questions that you and your team could maybe use the media to answer.

1) A few weeks ago, you publicly asked the public to stay at home to avoid risking infection from Covid 19, or risking infecting others. Did you think that such advice would be heeded by the population and how long did it take you realise that a stronger “order” was needed?

2) Whilst giving such advice, why did you show yourself proudly shaking the hands of patients infected with Covid 19 in hospitals? What sort of example was that? Or did you put yourself at risk to emphaise the dangers?

3) Why did you continue to visit the House of Commons and sit in close proximity to your colleagues and staff and even allow yourself to be shown on TV shaking their hands? Do you now understand that you put yourself and them at risk, especially after shaking patients’ hands?

4) At what stage did you realise that the Corona Virus was a threat to everyone and that it was likely to overburden the NHS and result in so many deaths?

5) When did you realise that the NHS is “fantastic” (one definition being “imaginative or fanciful, remote from reality”)?

6) I was sorry to see that you have had to go into hospital – how will you manage to “run the country” whilst seriously ill in a hospital bed?

7) Will you now consider ensuring that the NHS has adequate supplies, especially as you say, it will get worse before it gets better? Will you ensure that hospital staff have enough Personal Protection, transport to and from work and income appropriate to their essential value?

8) How often did you wash your hands or touch your face? Do you think that was how you became infected or do you have any idea how you became infecetd and how many others you may have infected by not heeding your own advice?

9) Are you accepting full salary whilst off sick?

10) Are you intending to apologise to the public for your blundering delays and resign?

Many thanks for your kind attention and care

Alun Buffry
Norwich North

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