Friday, 17 April 2020

UK Government restrictions on democracy and people

UK Government are setting a leading example for the rest of the world on how to govern without interference and scrutiny:

1) we no longer have Parliament sittings, they will hold their meetings on secured on-line setup:
2) there will no longer be open debates, open PM question time, MP's will no longer be able to stand up and make their speeches
3) the opposition parties will be less effective
4) there will no longer be a public gallery
5) there will no longer be televised sessions in Parliament
6) there will no longer be a press coverage
7) MP's will get a 10% pay rise
8) MP's will get an extra 50 grand each on their pensions
9) MP's can claim an extra 10 grand to enable the above, on top of expenses
10) the public will no longer be allowed to gather together to protest anything at all.
11) social media will take down anything considered anti-government
12) meetings will often be held in secret
13) we will only know what they tell us
14) you may get a letter telling you what you have already been told
15) members of the public will not be allowed to visit their families, go shopping with their families, travel more than 2 together in a car
16) people will not be able to visit second homes, holiday homes, caravans etc, unless they are members of the Government
17) all holidays are cancelled except for essential works who won't get any holidays
18) many health staff will not be provided with satisfactory equipment unless some charity pays for it; the elite will be given priority testing, safety equipment, hospital beds and treatment, maybe with one or more nurses present 24 hours a day
19) targets such as the number of useless tests will not be met but we can do nothing about that
20) MP's will no longer have surgeries for their constituents
21) Elections will be postponed because people will not be allowed to go out to polling stations (the new 3 week minimum extension to the lock down) - Government have postponed the elections due in May 2020 until 2021, at least.
22) People ill or dying in hospitals will not be allowed family or friends visits but some old people may be moved into care homes; deaths in care homes will not be counted in the death tolls but the death tolls will include nearly everyone that dies will be attributed to Corona virus
23) Funerals will not be allowed; religious gatherings will become virtual
24) There is nothing anyone can do about it, so lump it herd.

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  1. What do you think about the proposal to bring a jury down from 12 to 7 members?