Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Shame upon our MP's that have cost so many lives through their greed and bumbling mishandling of the crisis

This Government and the previous ones have failed the NHS, failed the people, failed the country and failed the world.

Their bumbling delays have for sure cost many lives and will cost more.

Just look at Boris Johnson, boasting of shaking hands will infected people in hospital, delay after delay, then suddenly contracting the virus, getting the best health care available, and making an almost miraculous recovery, then going in a car with at least two other people to his (the PM's) private luxurious residence at Chequers, whilst ordering others to stay away from hheir safe second homes, restrict their movements and keep their distance from their loved ones.

Shame on him, shame on all the MP's with their 10 grand allowance to "run" their business from home, 10% pay rise, 50 grand increase in pension, whilst letting the rest of us down in the worst way possible.

They have no idea and I really doubt mnay care.

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