Friday, 10 April 2020

The World That is For Ever Changing - a poem by Alun Buffry

The World That is For Ever Changing
Alun Buffry
10 April 2020

In this our time the world has changed,
It seems our Lives are re-arranged.
The Tyrants, they have made their laws,
To try to keep us all indoors.

Once we gathered, groups of friends,
Now we think that’s reached the end.
Are those laws so right or wrong?
Regardless we must each stay strong.

No more gatherings in the streets,
No more protests bad laws to beat,
Through emails, Twitter, Facebook and Skype,
What we once shouted now we must type.

I thought this world was meant for me.
I thought mankind should all be free.
To travel roads and seas and skies,
To Live our Lives so we feel high.

Right now the virus makes some fright.
Governments tell us alone is Right.
Inside our homes they want us to hide,
Yet happiness and joy remains inside.

This time must pass as all time does.
What we must keep is peace and love.
Bad laws we know they’ll introduce,
Our peaceful conformity to seduce.

But look at it another way.
Don’t let our hearts to hatred sway.
For life is not just about this world,
our lives inside us always unfurled.

What’s still important for you and me,
is what lies inside that each must see.
Whatever happens in our lives,
For peace and love we each must strive

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  1. I liked that Alun, very uplifting poem, and a nice encouraging vibe.