Friday, 17 April 2020

UK Government puzzle - can you work it out?

It's ridiculous - "they are saying" one infected person could infect 5 more; those 5, 5 more each, that's 125, then times 5 times 5 times 5, ... they say everyone is just six steps removed from everyone else on the planet; they say the fruit pickers from Eastern Europe (what one the Brexit vote) are tested before they take off and sit 2 metres away from each other and presumably stay 2 meters away from everyone whilst working and don't go shopping, yet two people that live together cannot sit together in a park; then we read that thousands of people are being brought home and not tested or put in isolation .. Boris said at the start, about herd immunity, so us, the herd, animals, need to catch the virus to build herd immunity, but not all at once because the health service his party underfunded can't cope - so is that the plan, so we all get it, he saves on pensions, population drops, but grows too because we bring so many home and so many at home will be making new slaves, ooops i mean babies, and he and his cronies can sell care badges whilst boosting their own salaries by 10%, increasing their own pensions by 5 grand each, and awarding large sums to their rich tory members who are "suffering" because of his mismanagement whilst he "takes one for the team" by going to hospital for a few days and then off to Chequers for a holiday whilst everyone else has to stay at home?

Have I got that right?

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