Friday, 15 May 2020

BBC Question Time, 14th May 2020

Last night I watched Question Time on BBC, which I very rarely do - now I know why, mostly political spin, made me angry.

Tory Stephen Barclay spouted on that there were 140,000 tests carried out in one day but Fiona Bruce, the MC, corrected him that there were actually only 74,000 people tested - he just repeated himself 140,000 tests, showing how they warp the figures - how can there have been twice as many tests as people tested, did they test everyone twice or did they test their cats and dogs?

Labour's Bridget Phillipson spoke mostly nonsense that there were too few tests, too little PPE, too little care of care homes, too many deaths, then said Labour support the Government lock down exit strategy- she did not seem to be aware of any facts.

The Tory said that had the Tory Government not been so economically harsh against the NHS and public sector over the last years we would not have had the money to support people now! He made it sound as if they were saving up for the crisis, starving the NHS so they could feed them later?

On the other hand, some scientist expert said that of the people admitted to hospital only 10% died - so there was a 905 non-fatality rate - that's 30,000 out of 300,000, but of the people TESTED only 1 in a 100 that had it had known that they have had it, with really mild symptoms, and 1 in a100 being the 300,000 that were ill, that COULD MEAN that as many as 33 MILLION people may already have had it, but that does not mean they are all immune and cannot catch it again.

It's clear that even though the lock down was late and cost lives, the easing is early and may cost more lives unnecessarily, and is purely down to economics.

The Tory said something in response to why public transport crowding in London etc is allowed but we have to sit 6 feet apart on the grass in parks - he said that was because they know the virus is not airborne, which really confused me - backwards (retarded) Tory thinking.

Clearly the country is being run by fools - not surprising I guess, as the PM Boris gets to choose the cabinet, ministers and which experts they listen too. It was also made quite clear that even though the Government claims to have spoken to political leaders in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, they did not discuss and agree on easing lockdown measures.

A guy from the Transport Union said his members had no guidance - with problems with people boarding trains and crossing borders within the UK.

There was a businessman from the private sector moaning that he was the only one from the private sector on the show and seemed to be saying there should never have been a lockdown because it will bring a national economic crash which will kill more people than the virus will end up killing.

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