Tuesday, 12 May 2020

New lockdown rules explained

a couple of questions and answers about the new rules, guidelines, whatever they are.

a lady asked why she will be allowed to meet her son in the park but not in her back garden. She was told it is because he may touch garden furnature or garden gate but you can sit on the grass in the park.

another asked why young children will be allowed back to school first. The answer was because if they get ill with the virus they will probably not get as ill as the older ones, but, the young children are also good at spreading the virus (no mention of the teachers and other staff). If you have ayoung child that you want to send back to school so you can drive, walk or cycle to work that you cannot do at home, and need a child minder that will be able to walk, drive or cysle to your home, you'll be able to do that, so long as the child minder is not a friend or relative or pensioner, and please make sure they don't tounch anything in your house, or in the garden if its your son.

the government wants people back to work but not on public transprt; they want young children back to school but not on public transport.

also we can now meet one other person outside the home so long as we stay 2 metres apart, just like last week when we could meet outside a shop, but now it doesn't have to be outside a shop. They did no mention people lining up in parks at 6 metre intervals, like outside supermarkets, in which case everone except at either end could meet two other people - unless it's a big circle. You can also play a sport with your friend in the park, like tennis. But avoid touching a ball that the other person has touched. I think you'll be allowed to play blow football too, so long as you both wear masks. Plus you'll be able to throw darts at your friends so long as they are at least 2 metres away.

there's also a problem for border towns England /Wales and England / Scotland, where they live in one country but work in the other.

got it! if not, it's your fault if restrictive measures are toughened again if the virus infection rate increases to where it was before the lockdown - or is it already there?

workers beware, be alert, your taxes will soon be going up.

pensioners, ignore all that, it may not apply to you.

but the good news is that UK citizens probably won't be able to leave the UK for a holiday this year, although people from abroad may be able to come to the UK for a couple of weeks holiday in isolation.

what a mess

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