Tuesday, 12 May 2020

Bumbling Boris

Bumbling Boris make no sense,
The red virus outside your fence,
But you can walk now, mile on mile,
Wear a face mask, don't show your smile.

You can be outside all the day,
Go to work and earn your pay,
Sit inside your local park,
They'll be unlocked til it gets dark.

Play your sports with family,
Run yout life but alert please be,
You'll be fined if you break the rules,
Soon the infants back to schools.

Keep your distance, stay apart
Fill your wheelie shopping cart,
Use your plastic bankers cards,
Spare the beds on hospital wards.

Control the virus when it's red,
Keep the colours in your head,
Ease the lockdown, ease it slow,
Bumbling Boris doesn't know.

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