Saturday, 9 May 2020

Reader Letter: Isolating over 70s is age discrimination

Reader Letter: Isolating over 70s is age discrimination

PUBLISHED: 09 May 2020 Eastern Daily Press

Tim Bornett

The government is considering proposals to ask all those over 70 to self isolate irrespective of health factors. Hopefully this will not be taken on board.

By gradually easing the lockdown it will sound strange if senior citizens have increased restrictions.

Many people in their 70s and 80s are fit and active. They would wonder why, for example, an obese 40 year old and a heavy smoker may have any restriction lifted but senior citizens being asked to stay at home.

Many members of both Houses of Parliament are over 70. Many scientists are as well together with other groups who no doubt like to get out to do some exercise.

To segment the over 70s from the rest of society is age discrimination and could cause severe resentment especially if the government decides younger people could exercise at least twice a day.

I urge people who feel strongly to contact their MPs with the view for the latter to lobby the government and to express concerns over this potential age discrimination.

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