Wednesday, 13 May 2020

UK News: Corona Virus back to work.

From today in the UK, you can have a cleaner come to your house unless it's your Mum, family member or a friend and of course so long as you can afford it.   People advised to disinfect their houses after the cleaner has left.

Chancellor says priority is to get people back to work and earning; he didn't mention how far down the list comes keeping people alive and safe.

Many people in the UK apparently don't know which day of the week it is and don't understand social distancing.

You can have a gardener (again if you can afford it) but not a family member in your garden in case they touch the gate or garden furniture. People are not allowed a family member that does not live with them, in their back garden, in case it attracts other family members.

You can only visit your parents' house if they put it up for sale, then you can go round to view it.

You are allowed to meet one friend in the park two metres away but you can stand between two strangers so long as they are both 2 meters from you, or four if they stand in a square and you in the middle or many more if you all stand in a big circle.

Workers that die can be replaced by the unemployed which will bring down unemployment and save on benefits.

Transport Secretary says "you have to start somewhere" and nobody can argue with that.

My date-at-a-distance business plan is on hold until weddings are allowed.

People will be allowed to fight each other at at least two metres apart. This will be called anti-social distancing.

Virtual hairdressers worried at potential loss of business.

Economy contracted by smaller rate than expected but bigger than they thought.

Government confused between what is safer and what is less dangerous, for people to work away from home. Minister says it depends on unknown factors.

Whilst we worried about people dying from the virus, the virus was secretly attacking the economy which the Government says may end up killing even more people.

The Sun is shining in some places.

I saw a hedgehog in my front garden last night.

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