Wednesday, 20 May 2020

The Dart Board of Joy

Life (your life) is like a dart board when all you need to do to get everything that you truly need and desire will be yours if you can just hit the board with a dart.

You don't even need to hit the bull or double top; you don't need to hit a number; you just need to hit the board.

If only you had a dart!

What does each of us truly need and desire? What is at the end of every want? Peace, love, joy, clarity, understanding, freedom, appreciation, satisfaction, contentment, fulfilment, call it whatever but it is the same. That is what makes us strive for things in this world- for things that will make, or at least we hope they will make, us feel good.

If only we had a dart.

Then, for me, along came a man who told me he knew that I did have dart, but I had forgotten where it was and he could show me where it was. His name is Prem Rawat and since that day when he did show me, I have tried to explain this to others who so often seem so desperate.

That was almost 50 years ago and he has constantly reminded me where to look to find that dart that has been inside me all the time and that I believe is inside every person that is human.

So, pretty unbelievably simply? Just get the dart and throw it as the board. Even if I miss sometimes, I need to keep trying - and practice makes perfect. And it is free, no charge, no committent other than to myself to keep practising.

I have seen other people who just don't believe me. That's OK, just carry on looking for peace and joy that will be everywhere with you.

I have seen people that found the dart but never throw it at the board. That's OK, at least they found the dart and know where it is if they ever want to try throwing it.

I have seen people just throw it over their shoulder. That's OK, they can pick it up some time and try throwing it at the board and if they miss, just pick it up and try again.

I have seen people just throw it away. That's OK because it will stay where they threw it - nobody else can take or use that dart, it is theirs.

And I have seen people that threw it at the board and every time they miss, they try again and every time they hot the board it is so good for them as it has been for me.

I have seen people just like myself that sometimes forget all about the dart and the board and get carried away with distractions that are all around, like adverts, falsely offering lasting joy and peace. That's OK because Prem Rawat comes along and reminds me.

It really has been and remains such an important Knowledge in my life that I really want to say to everybody just give it a try. If you like it, fine; if you don't like it, but that is just fine too.

Pretty soon, Prem will be offering access to his Peace Education Programme on-line to everyone. I hope that YOU will give it a try.

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