Friday, 8 May 2020

Science has become a religion

Science has become a religion, we either believe it or not, and it contradicts itself, that is one scientist contradicts another, and like religion, it is mostly images and stories.

For sure it's supposed to be that experiments and results are supposed to be repeatable before considered as theories becoming facts, but even so it's not as if we as individuals can repeat them. Before they ever used the atom bomb, before they were made CERN, before we used steam trains to exceed 25 miles and hour some said that speed would suffocate us, Some scientists said it would destroy the world or kill us all, others said it would not, so try it. It was scientists under the employment of politicians and big businesses that caused pollution, put chemicals in our water and air and experimented with mutating viruses - it is scientists can could feed the world, but they don't.

So one comes along, calls himself or herself a science graduate or doctor (that means has a PhD in a very limited subject), put on a white coat (our version of a witch doctor's bone through nose and feathery hat) and goes on TV or YouTube and tells us this or that and we are supposed to believe them and like Sarah Dougans says, they contradict themselves and each other.

They tell us the universe was made from a big bang. They tell us about black holes, dark matter and dark energy, that it's all made of atoms that none of "us" can see, then they tell us the universe is infinite, then that is a hologram. They tell us a virus can be made in a laboratory and they tell us it can only be made naturally in a human cell as a result of toxins in the body due to the pollutants they have made.

They tell us to wear a face mask then they tell us it is to protect others but it won't protect us - so if you have the virus and sneeze the mask with stop it, but if you wear a mask and somebody with the virus sneezes, it may not protect you, but if you stay 2 meters away from others you will be safe presumably assuming nobody sneezes, unless you live together in which case you'll all get it anyway, and don't go to work unless it's essential - how many coppers have you seen with a mask?

So, my conclusion, and don't forget I have a BSc so I am a scientist, I just don't have a white coat - "they" are out to confuse us so we depend on them, they are out to divide us so we can be conquered; they tell us lies when it suits them, they consider themselves superior?

Fact: you are breathing, you are alive. Appreciate that. Understand that it will take a thousand wise men 100 years to answer all the questions one fool could ask. Understand that answers are within, problem sand questions are without. Realise that life should be about feelings, not thoughts, feelings of love and peace, joy, understanding, hope, freedom - are all within (where you feel them) and not without (where you see them and think them up) - but TAKE CARE of your body and others, wash your hands, eat well, get some sun, get some exercise, enjoy your life - this may be the only life you have - don't let scientists and politicians and big businesses ruin it through their greed for wealth and power - don't stress out, relax!

I should have made a video!

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